Media reform

17 Nov

If there was one thing that I would want to change in the media it would be how news media show sides different sides of doing the news. You can watch both Fox News MSNBC  and find that each other cable news network has a different style of news reporting.  Compare to what CNN does is just straight down reporting. We are entertain to what Fox and MSNBC does on cable that we enjoy hearing anchors show which side they prefer or show some emotion. The one big reason why both networks keep doing this style in the business of broadcast journalism is that they make a lot of money and when its a business that has a lot of people coming in, tuning in and watching than money will come in and play a huge role.

I think that we can do without which side of who is for and against in news. Whatever happen to original reporting and getting the truth in the stories? It concerns me as a person who is going into journalism that we have to show a side of which political view we are for or against, the left or right side of things. I want cable news networks to not have a side to show and to just do their job as a journalists to tell stories as it is originally told. In the past America looked up to Walter Cronkite for news and original reporting now a days we have so many news outlets that we are getting one story told in a different side.


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