Reading Books in different forms

3 Oct

We live in a world where we have the option of reading in a different format. We read books of stories we love, on the top stories and even just to get our information. One of the formats comes from Google with their Google Books where in a way you can ready samples of books and have the option of buying them. Even thought it sounds like a great ways to receive books, magazines and even  newspapers. There are issues of hoe Google is getting these books. They have used books from colleges and universities to scan and place them on the program. There are issues with this idea because there are authors who thought this might be a good idea are now thinking that this seems to be a highway robbery because they don’t seem to get paid or get a little of what is sold from the project. Google does have the opition of not using author’s books but the authors will have to sign a paper saying that they don’t want to. This project is still an ongoing discussion of is this a good idea or good idea.

The other version of how we read is in the formats of tablets. Lets take a looks at the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD;263563433;88230844;l</ where we can read from magazines, newspapers and books from any kind from stories to reading on information on a subject to watching videos and playing games. It seems that now a days we can just get our books or information with a simple click of a mouse or even a simple touch on our tablets. The Kindle Fire HD is the latest version of the new tablets that are going up against the Barnes and Noble Nooks and the Apples iPads. Even thought it seems that we are living in a world where we can have 5 to 1000 books in one format to read we still on the occasion that people still read books the old fashion way. Books will never die they just live long and prosper  .


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